Designed for Elegance and Ease, the Unity Jacket merges the unknown with the known. Being and Becoming form together to blend broken reflections into One.

"When our mind is in movement, like the rippling surface of a pond, all that we see are broken images. But let the wind be still, and the water cleared of all sediment, and you will see perfectly reflected the forms that formerly had been only broken in your experience. And so it is when the mind is stilled in yoga: all these broken reflections that we are, are gathered back to the image of which we are the broken reflections. And one sees not only the reflected sky but also down into the water depth, down into the water depth of one's own being, and the image beheld then the form of forms, that form which in all of us is broken.

When this is experienced, the fascination is completely absorbing. And it may be such that the one who beholds it would not wish to return to see the broken forms again- then he remains in that fixed contempla tion, and as they say, the body drops off. He has been returned to union with that which he indeed is. That which we call our ego, that which we think of as ourselves, is but the broken reflection of chat which is our true self. And the discovery of that true self is the recovery of union with our own being."

-Joseph Campbell

Timeless in shape and style, made to last for eternity.

Designed to blend the forms of Becoming's adventurous spirit and Being's graceful pursuit.