OLYMPIA is our Honoring of Those Who Transcend the Temporal Bounds of Mere Competition - A Meditation on the Eternal Drive for Greatness Itself.

The Beginning - Athens, 1896

The revival of the Olympic Games in 1896 marks the point of inspiration for OLYMPIA - a rebirth of the highest ideals of human potential after a millennia-long slumber. On the sacred grounds of Olympia, the greatest icons of physical and mental fortitude from across the globe transform athletic prowess into an immortal pursuit of perfection for the first time in the modern era. From these ancestral roots, the Olympic flame was reignited, burning with inextinguishable fervor across every successive Olympiad to the present day.

The Olive Branch - Our Victory Laurel

In the spirit of the 1896 Olympic revival, we turned our gaze towards one of the ancient Games' most enduring and symbolic traditions - the sacred gift of the olive branch upon the winning athletes, that was equally significant as the modern medals we see today.

The olive branch broadcasts a powerful allegory of resilience that transcends language and culture. It stands as a revered icon and centerpiece - a minimalist victory laurel catalyzing OLYMPIA's deeper meditation on the endless pursuit of self-actualization through sport.

Our first release of OLYMPIA will be available 6/19 on monterism.com

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